Park Hardware 1890s

The Alvarado Heritage and Preservation Foundation is in the process of restoring the 108 year old steel warehouse, also known as the Park Hardware Wagon Barn.  When the renovation is completed, the structure will house the Alvarado Heritage Center.  This museum will pay tribute to Park Hardware, as well as showcase the early history of Alvarado, Texas and its agricultural heritage.  This process was begun in 2009 and is nearing completion.  The artifacts and displays for this facility are being financed by donations from private individuals and local businesses.  If you would like to contribute to the preservation and promotion of Alvarado's rich history, please click the donation button above.  If you have any items that you would like to donate to the museum, please click the button above and contact us.

Charles H. Park brought his family to Alvarado, the largest city in Johnson County at the time, and established Park Hardware in 1890.  This hardware store directly impacted Alvarado and the local farming industry for over 91 years.  In 1908, Park Hardware constructed a new steel warehouse on the west side of Spears Street across from the hardware store, also known as the wagon barn, which was primarily used as an assembly facility for Mitchell Wagons and Moon Bros. Buggies.  It also housed Avery, Case, and Standard horse-drawn implements which were purchased and widely used by many of the farming families living in and around Alvarado and Johnson County. 

C. H. Park Hardware

Alvarado Heritage Center

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​​C.H. Park Hardware Wagon Barn 1920s